was today amazing?No?

don't worry. I can help. 



I was in a wheelchair.

Now, I’m not.



Hi. I’m Lorrie.


I have taken my life from being a total mess in basically every area, to a place where I am loving every single day.

And I’m loving ME.

I can help you do the same.

Step by step.

Without overwhelm.


I teach my clients to manage their minds.

Take ownership for their emotions.

Overcome overwhelm

Prioritize Self-Care

Make diet changes without feeling deprived

Feel happy, even while they are still healing.

Have thriving relationships.

And more.

We start right where you are.

And we move forward.

That's it. 

No judgments. 

Just forward progress. 


I do weekly video calls with my clients - in person and phone are also options.

I work with women individually and in groups*.

*No groups are currently running, but be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you get notified when the next one is starting.


Are you ready?


We will look at what’s not working and figure out why.

Then create plan for overcoming whatever’s holding you back.

 And, if it seems like we’re a good fit, I’ll share with you how we can continue to work together.

I can't wait to meet you!