Hi! I'm Lorrie. Life Coach and Homeschool Veteran of 8 years.

I'm going to show you 3 simple thought shifts that will make this school year much less painful.

Ask Better Questions (0:00)

Instead of: Am I doing enough?   Try: What is going well?

Sometimes we ask TERRIBLE questions; ones where the only possible answers are guaranteed to make us feel...well, terrible. Ask better questions or give better answers.

Ditch Comparison (6:47)

Instead of: Am I doing this right?   Try: What is right for us?

Your family is unique. No one knows your children better than YOU. There is no universal right way to do ANYTHING. Learn from others, but own your way.

Manage Expectations (16:35)

Instead of: You should _____, or you shouldn't _____.   Try: You're doing what kids do. Now I'm going to do what parents do.

No one is kind all the time. No one does what they are supposed to all the time. EXPECT your kids to behave like regular humans, who sometimes get it right and sometimes not. Expect to do the same.

In the video below I share my personal experience with each of these shifts, and I expound on them. 

At the end (26:14) I share about the one shift that has made the biggest difference for me as a parent: emotional maturity

Course Includes...

  • 1
  • 2

    Module 2: The Problem

    • Thoughts Are Not Facts

    • Two Causes of Suffering

    • Tools and Examples

    • Check In

    • Self Acceptance

    • Module 1 Reflection & Prompts

  • 3

    Module 3: The Solution

    • Focus on What you Can Control

    • Master Emotional Skills

    • Manage your Mind

    • Establish a Practice

    • Generate Helpful Emotions

    • Module 2: Reflection and Prompts

  • 4

    Module 4: Appropriate Expectations

    • You

    • Your Children

    • Boundaries

    • Setting and Enforcing Rules

    • Bad Days

    • Module 4: Reflection and Prompts

  • 5

    Module 5: Tools

    • Intro

    • Emotional Literacy

    • Gratitude

    • 1-10 Scale

    • Glows and Grows

    • Conscious Choice: 4 Cards

    • Communication (Telephone)

    • Draw your Heart

    • Conflict Resolution

    • Perspective Taking

  • 6

    Conclusion & Bonuses

    • Final Thoughts and Review

    • Final Reflections

    • Bonus: Diet & Emotions

    • Bonus: Cycle Syncing

    • Bonus: Self-Care

    • Course Feedback