Curated DAys Deep Dive

You've given a lot of years to raising your kids. 
Isn't it time you took one for YOU? 

Hi. I'm Lorrie. And I'm a LIfe Coach. 

I help LA Moms take a year to invest in themselves, while their kids are at school, so they can thrive both as moms and as women. 

Here's the deal:

The information you need to craft the life you love is out there. 

But, that's not really the issue here. Is it? 

It's not a lack of information. In fact, most of us have too much information.

What we need is a strategy for IMPLEMENTATION but, when we look around at where we're at, that sounds just plain overwhelming.

Where do you start when there is so much to do? 

my Curated Days Deep Dive Program

12 Women + 1 Year = Total Life Transformation

I've been coaching for a while, and, I've realized, getting all the various areas of a woman's life back on track takes times. 

This program provides the ideal environment + enough time, so that you can move from just  KNOWING HOW to ACTUALLY DOING IT with support for all the rough patches. 

We will work through all the areas of your life piece by piece, in an intentional community of like-minded women. 

In this year, I will help you to:

Develop sustainable daily routines. 

Take control of your schedule. 

Get your health back on track. 

Develop a positive and loving relationship with your body. 

Learn how to balance self-care and family.

Get your house in order.

Lower your Stress Levels. 

Have more energy. 

Learn to Laugh, Play, and Smile More. 

Have thriving relationships. 

Live with purpose. 

Know what's next for you and how to get it. 

To get all of the areas of your life back on track...takes more than just time. 

It takes precious mental space.
It's much easier when you have someone walking you through it step by step. 
And you get from point A to point B quicker. 

To see where you need to create better routines,
work to establish a new habit,
figure out how to do it in a way that works for your personality,
and not give up when it gets hard... takes time.
And is much more likely to succeed with accountability. 

To not just learn about lifestyle changes,
but implement them,
then face all the emotions that you had been buffering,
can be intense guessed it...takes time.
And is easier when you have someone to help you sort through all the different  teachings out there and coach you through the feelings. 

Uprooting and overcoming old beliefs...takes time.
But is much easier with someone by your side to offer perspective. 

Trying to do any of this work with other things going on can be a balancing act.. but it is much easier when you have someone to partner with you and take part of the load. 

In short:
1. Transforming your life takes time. 
2. It will be easier if you have someone with you on that journey. 

I can be that person for you. 

Click on the button to book a free mini-session where we can talk more. 

I will do the work of figuring out what to do each week and what comes next to get you from where you are to where you want to be.  

I will keep you on track when your old ways creep in. 

I will help you figure out how to care for your unique body. 

I will help you see the truth when your thoughts aren't clear. 

I will keep you focused on your goals.

I will be there to show you that you CAN, even if you feel like you can't. 

I'm all in.

Are you? 

Schedule a call with me. Just click on the link above and book a Free Mini-Session.

Let's see if it's a good fit for you. 

Due to my own time limits and the intimate nature of the program, I can only take 12 Local women.

Just 12. 

Are you one of them? 

Book your call and let's find out! 



I have spots for: 

  • 8-12 Local Women
  • 4 Out of Town Women


Will vary based on how much individual coaching time is desired.*

*We  will go over this in our mini-session. 

Program Features:

  • Weekly Group Calls
  • Weekly worksheets delivered to your inbox. 
  • Optional Guided Mastermind Calls
  • Optional Individual Coaching
  • Monthly in-person events for local women
  • Quarterly all day events for local women


Just click on the button and select Mini-Session. 

Book any slot that is available. 

On the call we will:

  • Talk about your unique situation and needs. 
  • Address questions and concerns about the program. 
  • Determine if the program is a good fit for you.
  • Establish Next Steps