Curated Days  Program Info


This program will take you through a one year, total life transformation within an intentional community of like-minded women. We will be exploring every area of our lives, step by step, so that you can get everything back on track without the overwhelm. This page gives an overview for those of you who are curious to know what's coming. 

I have listed some supplemental reading for each month. These are COMPLETELY OPTIONAL. Any pertinent program information will be given on the calls or provided in worksheet. But, some people like to read and will be reading anyway or want to start reading more. These are books that inspired me in my journey and reading them will add another amazing layer to the program. Read as many or as few as you wish. 

Monthly Events

Once a month we will get together in person or online to do some of the deeper work of transformation. 

Some of the things we will be doing together include:

  • Building a sustainable morning routine that contains all of the essential elements for well-being. 
  • Establishing daily Self-Care minimums.
  • Crafting your own lifestyle diet and creating freedom around food.
  • Breaking the sugar addition and get your body into fat-burning mode. 
  • Creating your own movement plan. 
  • Doing the deep work of rewriting your story. 

Month by Month Program Breakdown


The focus of this month is on personal development and how to grow.  You will develop non-judgmental awareness, take ownership for your life, learn to manage your thoughts, develop a growth mindset, and overcome obstacles. 

Supplemental Reading Options:


The focus of this month is on what makes you... well, you. Your Essence. You will learn the science of belief and how to change any beliefs that aren't serving you, how to manage your emotions, how to create sustainable habits, and why you need to "be" before you can have. 

Supplemental Reading Options:


The focus of this month is the key relationships in your life: with yourself and your immediate family.
Topics will include: How to belong, loving yourself, How to get your needs met, boundaries, and Expectations. 

Supplemental Reading Options:


The focus of this month is your Spiritual Life. We will be talking about how what we have learned about belief applies to our spirituality, and the importance of positivity and gratitude.. 

Supplemental Reading Options:


The focus of this month is on your Body - specifically what you think and feel about yours. You will learn how to stop harming your body and start loving it. 

Supplemental Reading Options:


The focus of this month is your Physical Wellness. I am going to show you how to have more energy and less stress by creating positive habits around sleep, movement, diet, and toxic load. 

Supplemental Reading Options:


The focus of this month is getting your physical environment where you want it to be. We will address both the practical aspects of a tidy space as well as the mindsets that cause us to hold onto things.  Topic will include how to identify and eliminate energy drains,  and why we need to release to receive.

Supplemental Reading Options:


The focus of this month is on contribution and how we give back to the world. Topic will include how to find meaning, discovering your life purpose, defining success, and self-acceptance. 

Supplemental Reading Options:


The focus of March is your Social Life. Many of the lessons from our Relationships month will carry over, but these relationships with those outside of our immediate families are a little different. Topic will include belonging, saying no, autonomy, engagement, and managing difficult relationships.

Supplemental Reading Options:


The focus of this month is really figuring out what you want in terms of lifestyle. I will help you craft your ideal schedule, learn how to want from a place of abundance, overcome limiting beliefs about money, and learn practicals, like budgeting, to reach your financial goals. 

Supplemental Reading Options:


The focus of this month is figuring out what you to to energize yourself and have fun. We will talk about the importance of laughter, play, creativity, and joy. And we will get practical about how you can include these things in your life.  

Supplemental Reading Options:


The focus of this month is on your career and livelihood. We will be talking about how to function in your strengths, how to set goals and achieve them. We will also make sure you are all ending the program with a clear 90 day goal for the fall.  

Supplemental Reading Options: