Joy Now Coaching Program

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Is your Chronic Health Issue stealing the joy from your life?

Do you not feel like yourself because you can’t do the things you used to?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the changes you need to make to your lifestyle to manage your condition?

Are you feeling deprived because of the diet changes you have had to make?

Have you been hurt by friends and family members who just don’t get it?

Are you angry at your body?

I know I was.

I have Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, a connective tissue disorder.

I spent 5 years bed-bound, using a wheelchair to get around.

I also have/had fibromyalgia, digestive issues, hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue syndrome, hormonal imbalances, anxiety, depression, and more.

I won’t say “I get it,” because every person’s situation is unique, and I have no idea what you’re going through. But, I do want you to know that, whatever you are thinking or feeling, I can probably relate on some level. There is nothing you will say that will shock me - nothing worse than the thoughts I had myself during my most dark and hopeless days.

I have daily pain and plenty of limitations.

I also LOVE my life.

Right now.

As is.

And I can show you how to love yours.


I want you to do everything you can to be well.

I just don’t want you to suffer through the healing process.

I don’t want you to put off your joy until then.

I did the work of wellness.

Every day.

Even when it was boring and I didn’t want to.

I am so incredibly proud of all I did to get out of the wheelchair.

BUT I’m even more proud of the work I did to learn to love my body, own my emotions, and pursue my dreams in the midst of a condition that is permanent and degenerative.

Because my health may get worse again someday.

But I’m not afraid of the future anymore.

My level of joy is no longer determined by the state of my health.

It is determined by me.

Joy Now is a 9-week coaching program where I will show you why:

You don’t have to be better to feel better.

You don’t have to be healed to be happy.

There will be encouragement, empowerment, and a no drama, BS-free approach to dealing with chronic illness.

This is NOT a moan and groan support group.

It’s about learning to play the hand you were dealt and love the life you have, whether or not healing is in the cards for you.

Step 1: Book your free mini-session.

In that session I will take you through the first step to having Joy Now.

Further work together is optional.


Program Overview:

In the program, I’ll teach you how to:

  • Have joy right now

  • Love the new you

  • Make peace with your body

  • Overcome Overwhelm

  • Master lifestyle changes for wellness

  • Make diet changes without deprivation

  • Manage Relationships

  • Play the hand you were dealt

program Details:

  • 9 individual coaching sessions

    • 2-4 sessions per month based on client’s needs.

  • Each session consists of a 50-minute call via phone or video chat.

  • Email support is available between calls as needed.