It's over?!?!

But, but . . . 

I feel like i'm

just getting


Don't fret, my love!

Here are some ways you can continue working with me, no matter what your budget is :

Curated Days PodCAst - coming soon! 

Totally FREE!

Subscribe to my email list

Okay, actually, I already added you to the list, so just stay subscribed  for: 

Weekly Freebies  + Info on upcoming events!

guided masterminds

4 women, 1-hr calls, with time to share about your week and get some group input for overcoming obstacles + targeted coaching from me. 

$100/mo per person for weekly calls

*$50/mo per person for bi-monthly calls

Tune up

Any time you need a little "tune-up," just let me know. 

I'll give you a 50-min call + an email check-in the following week

$100 each

weekly individual coaching - Discounted alumni price

Weekly, 50-min calls where we focus on you! 

3 months: $400/mo

6 months: $350/mo

1 year: $300/mo  or $3,000 up front 

curated days deep dive

I'm looking for a few women who are ready to really go deep into this material and APPLY it over the course of 1 year. 

I'm currently breaking down all the material from the 12-week program into 48 individual components, so that each week has 1 clear objective that you can accomplish or apply in 1 week!!! Including time and space for the types of dietary and lifestyle changes that the shorter program wouldn't allow. 

What you will get:

  • Weekly Group Call  
    • 30 min content + 20 min Q&A
  • 2 individual calls with me each month (50-min each) 
  • 2 guided mastermind calls each month in groups of 4  (50 min each)
  • All program materials delivered to your inbox weekly
  • Monthly 1/2 day get-togethers
    • Brunches, coffee chats, maybe even some tai-chi in the park? . . . where we have community + deeper coaching
  • Quarterly full-day mini-retreats
  • 4 weeks off  includingThanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's
    • Light content over the summer and holidays

Here's the deal though . . . I can only take 12 women . . . . maybe 16 if I hire a housekeeper and a cook, which I'm totally open to, BTW ;) I would need a minimum of 8 to run it. 

This program is open to all women, not just alumni, but you lovely ladies get first dibs on the spots (along with my other clients). 

Price $350/mo or  $4,000 up front

Begins  August 27! 

coming soon

I'm not sure how soon "soon" will be, but . . . I do have some other fun things in the works including:

  • Recorded content - home study style
  • Specialized group offerings
  • and maybe a book or two . . . 

I'll keep you posted!