Private Coaching

For when you need some 1-on-1 time.

I keep a small roster of private coaching clients who I work with one-on-one. A spot typically becomes available to work with me once every few months. 

If you’re looking to free yourself from the limiting behavior patterns holding you back, or want to develop the resilience necessary to push forward to success, private coaching could be just what you need. 

I employ custom-made sessions that address your desires on multiple levels; from surface level problem-solving and goal orienting, to deep inner work on core values, worldview and mindset shaping. 

If you are interested in private coaching, please email (subject "Private Coaching") for availability and next steps.

About Me.

I am often asked how I got into coaching. This is simply an extension of who I've always been and what I've always done.

  • Growing up on a farm in the Midwest, my parents share that I was always trying to train my animals.
  • In high school, I was the captain of all my sports teams and entrusted with keeping everyone in a good headspace.
  • I was repeatedly given jobs rather than applying for them. 
  • As a new Mom, I was continually asked for my perspective and advice in any group setting I found myself in. 
  • When I lived in Denver (volunteering with an international humanitarian aid organization) I was approached to mentor younger staff. 
  • After going through an intense health journey (I was bed bound and using a wheelchair for 5 years before finding my own path to healing) I started getting numerous messages asking what I did, if I could help, and if people could share my phone number with others. 

I said YES.

And the rest is history.

The bottom line is, I'm a leader, no matter what setting I find myself in. 

I love to help. 

And I'm fascinated with human behavior. 

I am delighted every day that I get to serve my clients in this way.