The insight I’ve gained from our sessions has been monumental and therefore life changing. I’m just so grateful I don’t have to stay this way forever. I’m beyond grateful for Lorrie and her willingness to help others through their process!
— Rachel K. (Los Angeles, CA)

Happy Clients

Lorrie is amazing at meeting you where you are and asking all the right questions. I can't even fully explain how good she is. She is the most safe person I've ever talked to.  Each week I have huge improvements.  Its amazing how good I feel and how in tune I am to my body now! 

— Alexis L.

(Pasadena, CA)

Lorrie is a very wise, caring, compassionate and passionate coach. Her passion to help people become the best version of themselves in order to thrive in life is amazing. I am so grateful for her and the encouragement she provides to help me overcome the obstacles in my life :)

— amy K.

(Chicago, IL)

Lorrie is a great coach.  She really does her homework and seeks your best interest.  I think everyone should have a life coach if they are wanting to move forward. If you want to become a better version of you then you are worth investing in. Thanks for helping me get to that next level.

— jeremy l.

(Ellensburg, WA)

It's like therapy on steroids.

— Noemi B.

(Los angeles, ca)

Lorrie is simply amazing. I am a rebellious person, for better or for worse. I couldn't set a goal to save my life. ;) She has helped me sift through the rubble, find ways to curb my old tendencies. It is freeing. I am so grateful for Lorrie's help, kindness, and how she can get to the heart of the matter. I've grown quite a lot in the time we've been working together and I can't wait to see how much changes around me as a result. 

— jenn h. 

(Los angeles, ca)

"WOW!!! After just one session  with Lorrie, I already feel like a new woman. Thoughts that simply weren't available to me yesterday—sane, grounded, practical thoughts—are now just common sense. I feel confident, excited, and ready to tackle my major life-long obstacles of disorganization and "scatteredness." Now I finally have the sense that little by little and bit by bit, I will gradually and permanently become the kind of person who gets things done---and the most meaningful things at that!"

— Amanda H.

(Los Angeles, CA) 

Lorrie listens intently to the stuff I tell her about my inner process and she's genius at helping me draw conclusions or make connections. She usually does this by asking questions...she often can see things first but helps you get there by encouraging you to think about it. I'm for the first time making realizations about my life patterns that have been in place for so long, and she gives me practical steps to help me shift or make changes. It's incredible how many of our "issues" relate to food and nutrition.

— Rachel K. (Los Angeles, Ca)

Lorrie is absolutely worth every penny.  She guided me through a VERY difficult time in my life with grace, wisdom and profound insight into my health and mental well-being.  I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their life, increase their energy, have mental and physical breakthroughs and bring to light any hidden issues causing setbacks in health.  Her energy is calm and patient and she is able to unpack issues that those living inside them cannot see or tackle.  Lorrie is an vital and invaluable portion to anyone's journey toward mental and physical healing. I could not recommend her more.

— elizabeth E. 

(los angeles, ca)