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Hi. I'm Lorrie.

I am a highly logical, abstract thinker...and I talk about emotions all day long. Do those two things seem mismatched to you? They're not!

Emotions are actually highly logical. They always make sense and can be understood and managed. As a coach, I teach: The logic of emotions, The mechanics of mindset, The science of self-love, And more. There's nothing wrong with a little woo-woo now and then, but, I prefer to take a neuroscience-based approach to help my clients achieve breakthroughs. The main thing I offer as a coach is a DEEP understanding. Time and time again, once my clients understand themselves...the path forward becomes clear. As a development coach I go several layers deeper than most coaches are willing to go. We get down to the root and shift things at a core level for permanent and lasting change across multiple areas
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Becoming Aphrodite

How one question and a mythical goddess led me to genuine self-love.